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Foundation for Social and Ecological Future

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Our foundation „Stiftung Soziale und Ökologische Zukunft“ (Foundation for Social and Ecological Future) was established to support or initiate projects which help underprivileged people in poorer countries or projects which have the goal to protect climate or nature.
For many years the foundation has been supporting several projects in different countries – e.g. the construction of a drinking water well and the employment of two teachers in a little village in Zambia, the distribution of solar lamps in Pakistan, the support of a home for disabled children in Ecuador or an orphanage in Nepal.
The foundation supports only projects which ensure that subsidies of the foundation arrive 100% on site and thus serve the purpose of the foundation. The foundation has no administrative or advertising expenses, as the necessary work is done entirely by volunteers.

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Account Owner: Stiftung Soziale und Ökologische Zukunft
Bank: Cortal Consors
IBAN: DE43 76030080 0900480689